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Our Parks

Retiro Park, Madrid Rio, Romantic Park El Capricho
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(scheduled max. 1 hour 30 mins. Meeting point at Park entrance)

Retiro Park

This park was the garden of the Buen Retiro Palace, witness of our history during Philip IV period, a place for entertainment and leisure of our kings. Scenery of the War of Independence, in 1808. Today, a place where international exhibits take place, as well as being a leisure and relaxing venue, with a high botanical interest of more than 22,000 different species of trees. You will be pleasantly amazed.

Madrid Rio

Inaugurated in the the year 2011. The underground work of the Madrid ring road M30 meant a change in the concept of what a modern park is. Apart from recovering the native flora and fauna of the Manzanares river, main axe of this park, it is a model to combine the former habitat with the modern architecture. Bridges, beaches, sport areas and history.

Romantic Park El Capricho

It was the caprice, “capricho”, (literally, a whim) of the Duchess of Osuna. We offer you the chance to know how, why and what for the aristocratic society of the 18th century used to buy these lands to create its “quintas”, name with which these villas were known, so fashionable in the European high society. Illustration submitted to the nature. Romanticism, architecture, agriculture and mythology will surprise you along this wonderful and amazing walk. An unforgettable CAPRICHO!
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Price for visits up to 6 pax:

Working days: 140,00€

Weekends and holidays: 170,00€

Extra hour: 25,00€ working days/ 30,00€ weekends and holidays

From 6 persons or more, under request